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Apples - Gala each
Apples - Granny Smith 2kg bag
Apples - Granny Smith each
Apples - Pink Lady each
Asparagus bunch
Avocado each

Avocado each


Bananas each

Bananas each


Beans Green 200g
Beetroot each
Berries - Blueberries punnet
Berries - Raspberries punnet
Berries - Strawberries punnet
Broccoli each
Broccolini bunch
Button Squash Gold 200g
Cabbage - Green each
Cabbage - Green HALF
Cabbage - Red each
Cabbage - Savoy each
Capsicum - Green each
Capsicum - Red each
Capsicum - Yellow each
Carrots - Dutch bunch
Carrots - Juicing 3kg bag
Carrots - Snacking 250g
Carrots each

Carrots each


Cauliflower HALF
Cauliflower WHOLE
Celeriac each
Celery BUNCH

Celery BUNCH


Celery HALF

Celery HALF


Celery Pieces 300g
Chillies - Green 50g
Chillies - Red 50g
Chillies - Red Mexican 50g
Chillies - Yellow 100g
Chokoes kg

Chokoes kg


Coconut Oil 330ml
Coconuts each
Cos Baby 100g punnet
Cucumber - Continental each
Cucumber - Green each
Cucumber - Lebanese each
Eggfruit each
Eggs - 600g Caged Dozen
Eggs - 600g Free Range Dozen
Endive each

Endive each


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