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Apples - Gala each
Apples - Pink Lady each
Apples – Granny Smith each
Apricots each
Asparagus (AUS) bunch
Avocado each

Avocado each


Bananas each

Bananas each


Beans Green 200g
Beetroot each
Berries - Blackberries punnet
Berries - Blueberries punnet
Berries - Raspberries punnet
Berries - Red Currant punnet
Berries - Strawberries punnet
Broccoli each
Broccolini bunch
Button Squash Gold 200g
Cabbage - Green each
Cabbage - Green HALF
Cabbage - Red each
Cabbage - Savoy each
Capsicum - Green each
Capsicum - Red each
Capsicum - Yellow each
Carrots - Dutch bunch
Carrots - Juicing 3kg bag
Carrots each

Carrots each


Cauliflower HALF
Cauliflower WHOLE
Celeriac each
Celery BUNCH

Celery BUNCH


Celery HALF

Celery HALF


Celery Pieces 300g
Cherries 2kg premium
Cherries 500g

Cherries 500g

$5.00 $7.20

Chillies - Green 50g
Chillies - Red 50g
Chillies - Red Mexican 50g
Chillies - Yellow 100g
Coconut Oil 330ml
Coconuts each
Cos Baby 100g punnet
Cucumber - Continental each
Cucumber - Green each
Cucumber - Lebanese each
Eggfruit each
Eggs - 600g Caged Dozen
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