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Salad mix 100g punnet
Shallots Gold 500g
Shanghai Buk Choy bunch
Silverbeet bunch
Spinach 1.5kg bulk case
Spinach bunch
Spinach leaves 100g punnet
Sprouts - Snowpea 100g  punnet
Swedes each

Swedes each


Sweet Potato Gold each
Sweet Potato Red each
Sweetcorn 500g punnet
Sweetcorn Baby 115g punnet
Sweetcorn each
Tomatoes - Cherry 250g punnet
Tomatoes - Cherry Truss 250g punnet
Tomatoes - Gourmet each
Tomatoes - Medley 250g punnet
Tomatoes - Roma each
Tomatoes - Truss each
Turnips each

Turnips each


Water - 1.5L x6
Water - 600ml x12
Water - 600ml x24

Water - 600ml x24

$8.50 $10.00

Wombok each

Wombok each


Zucchini each
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