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Radish 200g bag
Rhubarb bunch
Rocket 1.5kg bulk case
Rocket leaves 100g punnet
Salad mix 1.5kg bulk case
Salad mix 100g punnet
Shallots Gold 500g
Shanghai Buk Choy bunch
Silverbeet bunch
Spinach 1.5kg bulk case
Spinach bunch
Spinach leaves 100g punnet
Sprouts - Snowpea 100g  punnet
Swedes each

Swedes each


Sweet Potato Gold each
Sweet Potato Red each
Sweetcorn 500g punnet
Sweetcorn Baby 115g punnet
Sweetcorn each
Tomatoes - Cherry 250g punnet
Tomatoes - Gourmet each
Tomatoes - Medley 250g punnet
Tomatoes - Roma each
Tomatoes - Truss each
Turnips each

Turnips each


Water - 1.5L x6
Water - 600ml x12
Water - 600ml x24

Water - 600ml x24

$8.50 $10.00

Wombok each

Wombok each


Zucchini each
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